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Good afternoon

We have received some questions regarding the Club's new Membership structure, so below is some background information into why the decision was made to increase fees.

Since the cessation of table tennis activities in March, the Club has lost significant income through the cancellation of several local, regional and national events. The current restrictions also make it extremely unlikely that we'll host any events before 2021, and with social distancing limiting the event size, we are anticipating far fewer events and a considerable fall in income going forwards. External income has been a contributing factor behind our historically low membership rates.
To comply with government and Table Tennis England guidelines, the Club has had to invest time and money in ensuring that the appropriate cleaning products and PPE equipment is available to members, guests and volunteers. The current guidelines also mean we have a much reduced table capacity and increased hire to cover the additional cleaning, which will have a negative impact.
This season will see the Club having to operate with a reduced income stream and an increased cost base, and so we've had to increase membership fees so that the Club can continue to operate. Although the membership fees have been increased, we still feel that they are good value for money.
For clarity, here is how the new Adult membership works. 
£25 joining fee gives you membership of the Club until 31st August 2021.
As a member, the first 15 visits will cost you £5 per visit.
Then, visits 16-30 will cost you £2.50 per visit.
Visits 31 and over will be free (limited to two free visits per week), but additional visits can be purchased.
When broken down over a season, it will cost a 'regular' once-a-week member approx. £3 per session.
We will also be offering family discounts by way of codes/vouchers. Please email Kevin Bird for further details
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You can register and buy your membership from.
We look forward to seeing you at the Club.
Kind regards.
Westfield TTC


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